Handmade Colourful Elephant Dung Notebook - Medium

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Colourful and quirky, our elephant dung notebooks are the ideal sustainable gift for the passionate writer in your life. Handmade from real elephant dung, our notebooks are not just colourful and unique, they are super sustainable too. They help make a difference to the communities that produce them. Our elephant dung notebooks are made by Eco Maximus. Eco Maximus's aim, through the Maximus conservation trust, is to educate the local communities about living in harmony with the Sri Lankan elephant.

Each notebook has approximately 40 pages of unlined, multi-coloured elephant dung paper. Medium - 10.5 x 14cm

Made from: 75% elephant dung and 25% recycled paper. The process of making elephant dung paper is a little different to making regular handmade paper. The fibres are pulped by the elephant, instead of by hand or machine, whilst they are digesting, then the readymade pulp comes out the back!


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