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Pesto Rosso Al Tartufo (Red Truffle Pesto)

Pesto Rosso Al Tartufo (Red Truffle Pesto)

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Our red truffle pesto is a delicious pesto based on dried tomatoes and summer black truffle, all pounded with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The combination of these ingredients gives life to a pesto with a dark red color, with a delicious flavor and pronounced at the right point. The summer black truffle gives a pleasant and delicate aroma, a typical flavor, decisive, but not excessive, lighter and less persistent than other truffles.

This pesto is ideal for seasoning first courses, hot and cold, to accompany main meat courses, prepare croutons and stuff sandwiches.

INGREDIENTS: dried tomatoes, black truffle, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, salt

TRY WITH: pasta, meat dishes, sandwiches

Made in Italy

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