Embracing the Fall Transition with Linen & Clove

Embracing the Fall Transition with Linen & Clove

Can you sense that subtle shift in the air? It's like a whispered promise of change, a gentle reminder that summer's sun-soaked days are gracefully making way for the embrace of autumn. As we bid adieu to the carefree vibes of summer, Linen & Clove is here to help you seamlessly transition your home into a cozy haven that's perfect for savoring the pumpkin-spiced moments ahead.

Think of this seasonal switch-up as orchestrating your very own symphony of change. Before you dive into the process, take a moment to visualize the ambiance you want to create. The transition of one season to the next is often subtle.  It creeps up on us.  It is easy to miss.  Linen & Clove is here to remind you to pause, turn to your senses, and intentionally welcome this transition into your home.  

Decluttering: A Fresh Start You won't believe how much stuff accumulates around the house during those sunny months. Just as spring is synonymous with cleaning, fall deserves its own decluttering moment. Here's your game plan:

  • Take stock of items that won't make it through the next season. Scope out end-of-summer sales for potential replacements.
  • Clear out the bathroom, bidding farewell to sunscreens, bug sprays, and expired toiletries. Your goal: a more streamlined and serene space.
  • Prep your pantry for a season of hearty cooking. Check those expiration dates, and make a list of the essentials you'll need for warm soups and comforting holiday dishes.  We love these spice jars from Amazon- the wood top and cute labels are definitely a Linen & Clove vibe. Then add these pull out organizer racks.  You will be set for the holiday season!
  • Tackle the garage, backyard, and shed—think of your future self! Get things organized now so that springtime is a breeze.
  • Your wardrobe needs some TLC too. Bid adieu to summer clothes that have done their duty and free up space. Store away the summer-exclusive items; we swear by these vacuum bags for the job.
  • Here are some checklists to help you get organized and get you started. Blank Checklist and Suggested Checklist

Infuse Warmth and Earthiness As the summer hues give way to autumn's enchanting palette, let your space dance with the warmth of textures and earthy tones. Linen & Clove's collection of pillows and blankets serves as the perfect canvas for this transformation. Picture draping a cozy throw over your sofa, beckoning you to curl up with a cup of chai on a crisp evening. It is like an open invitation to snuggle up in style.

Set the Mood with Candles Imagine this: you, cocooned on the couch, lost in a captivating book, wrapped in a snug blanket. Your fireplace is aglow, casting a warm, flickering light that dances across the room. And those candles, oh those candles! They're not just décor; they're autumn in a jar. Candles create a sanctuary, a peaceful retreat within your four walls. Consider inviting Linen & Clove's Signature Scented Candle into your space.  The subtle scent of almond and fig is a customer favorite.  We have created a scent for each season and fall is not different.  

Psst, insider info: four new signature scents are on the horizon for fall.  We are calling them our Autumnal Collection and we're unveiling them at our One Year Anniversary bash on September 21st from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Yes, you're totally invited.

Invitation September 21, 2023

Nature's Embrace While you eagerly await Linen & Clove's Fall Collection launching on September 21, 2023, draw inspiration from Mother Nature herself. Invite the outdoors in by arranging a bowl of vibrant green apples or an assortment of charming pumpkins and gourds. Enrich your décor with wooden bowls, serving spoons, or succulent pillars that bring natural elements into your space. Top it all off with a cute little pumpkin, and you've just welcomed fall with open arms.


Surround yourself with the sights, textures, and fragrances that resonate with you. Let this transition wrap you in a cozy embrace as you sip your pumpkin spiced latte and watch the leaves paint the world outside. Happy fall, and don't forget to mark your calendar for our autumnal soirée! Cheers to embracing the beauty of the changing seasons.