2024 Interior Design Trends

2024 Interior Design Trends

In the blink of an eye, 2023 has drawn to a close. With that, we look forward to sharing the new and continuing interior design trends for 2024. We predict that trends like quiet luxury and country club grandfather/old money style as well as browns and earthy tones will still be strong this year. We also think that new trends such as tone on tone rooms will make for a beautiful 2024.

In the spring of 2023, quiet luxury took over the interior design landscape. According to Interior Designer Shanad McAllister-Fisher, “ This trend is defined by understated elegance, refined simplicity, and creating a calm atmosphere that exudes a sense of luxury with minimal effort.”

In fashion, quiet luxury is about achieving a high-end, timeless look without looking like you tried too hard. It’s about taking high quality clothing articles (jeans, blazers, button-down shirts) in muted colors and pairing them with simple, timeless jewelry (pears, diamond studs, gold or silver hoops) to create a tailored, luxurious look. Numerous accessories, bright colors, and vivid prints are circumvented and all of these same “rules” apply for quiet luxury interior design as well. 

Photo Credit: Studio McGee

Think warm hues, neutral tones, and high-quality elevated materials like marble, wood, and high thread count Egyptian cotton bed linens. In essence, quiet luxury is about ignoring the design trend of the moment and investing in quality, timeless pieces that will withstand the test of time. 

Also known as Country Club Chic or Grandpa Chic and very closely related to Old Money, these design styles have been around since our great great grandparents time, but re-emerged in 2023 and took TikTok by storm.

Photo Credit: EyeSwoon

But what exactly is Old Money Country Club Grandfather style? According to Interior Designer, Artem Kropovinsky, “It celebrates the loved, and the time-tested, infusing spaces with a warm sense of history and comfort. The aesthetic brings forward the character of seemingly outdated elements and makes them relevant in today’s context.”

Think rich, moody, warm paint tones and dark wood floors accented with deeply colored velvet curtains, rugs in traditional patterns such as plaid, and tartan pillows on leather couches. Think equestrian art framed in rich gold frames and brass lamps on vintage wood tables, antique wall clocks, vin​​tage books and old family photos. Essentially any artfully collected, nostalgic, vintage decor that you would find in an old-school social club and screams old money fits this warm, sophisticated, inviting aesthetic. 

Mother Nature has always provided up with the most gorgeous palette but bringing those colors indoors will be more popular than ever this year - particularly browns, greens and blues.

As you might have expected given the design trends above that will dominate 2024, brown is going to continue its resurgence. According to Nicole Gibbons, Interior Designer and Founder & CEO of Clare Paint Company, there has been “a sharp uptick in sales of brown paint colors which grew by nearly 100% in 2023. These colors are not just popular; they are revolutionizing the way we think about interior spaces, bringing a sense of warmth and earthiness that has been long overlooked.” A design trend survey conducted by the New York Design Center supported this prediction, as over 90 percent of respondents indicated that brown will be the color of choice in 2024.

Photo Credit: Clare Interiors

Earthy/muted and moody/deep greens are sticking around in 2024. These nature-inspired tones evoke a sense of peace and calmness. 

Finally, blue is going to be more popular than ever this year. In fact, many paint companies have chosen different shades of blue as their color of the year, ranging from coastal-inspired pastels to bold teals. 

  • Benjamin Moore - Blue Nova 
  • C2 - Thermal  
  • Dunn Edwards - Skipping Stones 
  • Krylon - Bluebird  
  • Sherwin Williams - Upward 
  • Minwax - Bay Blue 
  • Valspar - Renew Blue   
Dark and moody black will also play a big part in paint trends in 2024. Behr’s 2024 Color of the Year, Cracked Pepper, is not only moody and bold, it’s equally timeless, inviting and versatile. Watch for black to be used as a neutral, much like white was used in 2020 - kitchen walls, bathroom walls, casegoods, and trimwork.

Photo Credit: Behr

Tone on tone palettes will hit the scene with a vengeance in 2024. Utilizing one main hue with graded tones creates a space that is elegant, timeless, and so very interesting. To achieve a tone on tone effect, walls (paint and wallpaper), trimwork, doors, furnishings, accessories and fabrics should be the same hue and never contrast each other.

Photo Credit: Tone on Tone Interiors

The use of natural materials will be stronger than ever in 2024 as consumers continue to be mindful of choosing sustainable, environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo, cork, sisal, rattan and wood. Homes will overflow with bamboo soap dishes and spoons, cork coasters, sisal brushes, seaweed lamps, mycelium tables, rattan chairs and trays, and loads of wood in rich hues of walnut and mocha. Zero-impact furniture will become more trendy; embrace those heirloom pieces and forget about big box store furniture that will end up in the landfill in a few years. Reimage the old in new ways.

Photo Credit: YiBamboo

Arguably the most exciting design trend of 2024 is to not be on-trend…you do you! Creating personalized spaces that tell your story and allow you to express yourself are more important than ever. Bespoke pieces, antiques, family heirlooms, homemade items, and pieces acquired during travel can be displayed with confidence and pride and help you create a space that tells a story and speaks to your soul.

Photo Credit: 7ArtPrints on Etsy

2024 will prove to be an exciting year in the world of design. Natural textures in earth tones will dominate the scene, replacing the stark whites and grays that have been popular in recent years. Sustainability and individuality in design will become the norm. Quiet luxury will infiltrate every space and it will all be so beautiful.