Dark Chocolate Sea-Salt Caramels

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Chocolate sea salt caramels are a delectable confectionery delight that combines the rich, smooth flavor of chocolate with the sweet and chewy goodness of caramel, all enhanced by a delicate sprinkling of sea salt, chocolate sea salt caramels are a gourmet indulgence that promises an unforgettable and satisfying culinary experience.


I just love this store. They have everything and it is all high quality. They carry a lot of local products and have their own line of things as well. Just fantastic!

-Janell Kellett

Loving my home decor from Linen and Clove! This store is breathtaking!

-Keleen Kaye

Linen & Clove has great home decor and kitchen ware! Such a cute shop! The owners are great people and the business is a wonderful addition to Verona.

-Melissa Yarbrough Havens